2016 Toyota Hiace Poptop 4WD Campervan We have a large amount of enquiries of customers wanting late model Hiace 4WD's, so we are focusing in getting more in. 🙂 Known for their reliability, you can't beat Toyota This Hiace has a practical layout with both inside and slide out Kitchen, 12V Fridge, a dual battery system, 'U' shaped couch, inside dining area and a double sized bed offroad dual purpose tyres and rims, nudge bar, Tow bar with 2 inch lift suspension lift The Reimo potop is quick to lift and simple to use If this is something you'd like to know more about including High Roof 4WD Hiaces, please send us a Private Message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. ----------------‐--------------------------------------------------------- - 2003 Toyota Hiace High Roof Model Diesel 3 Seater Manual 270000km $24990 - 2010 Hyundai Imax Automatic Petrol 219000km 2 Seater $24990 - 2014 Toyota Hiace Automatic Petrol LWB 230000km 3 Seater Price to be confirmed -2017 Toyota Hiace Hitop 4WD Turbo Diesel Automatic 106000km * RESERVED - 2013 Toyota Hiace Hitop Commuter 170000km Auto Turbo Diesel * RESERVED
105000 km
Turbo Diesel
2 Seater