You’ve heard it before, you’ve done your research and spoken to mechanics on which van would be the most suitable and realiable van to travel around in Australia,  only to be told time and time again – The Toyota Hiace!

This is why we have dedicated an entire page on the Hiace.

Based on a large number of our enquiries regarding either buying a Campervan or simply to have one converted, the Toyota Hiace is by far our most popular Camper that we offer.

The reason they are our favourite choice is that they are known for their reliability, ease of parts, excellent size and they most certainly hold their value, speak to any mechanic and they will tell you that you can’t go past the Hiace!

Hiaces have proven to be the best Camper in Australia for decades, as long as they are well serviced they just keep ticking along.

It’s not uncommon to see them close to or even over a million ks!

We have a few options when it comes to the Toyota Hiace:

– Local 2WD LWB and Commuters

– Japanese Import 4WD Hiaces

– Low roof and high roof models

– Hiace with a Poptop Roof for extra head height ( Subject to availability )


Although most likely more expensive than your average van ( for a good reason) you will be able to find a reasonable condition one for a good price, whether it’s a petrol or diesel engine, both are just as reliable. We offer conversion packages to suit both the LWB models as well as the Commuter if you are wanting something larger in size.


These ones are our favourite!

Having the 4WD option enables you to go the places you want, off the beaten track and to discover some of the places that a standard 2WD vehicle simply cant.

They come factory as 4WD only in Japan, not Australia. The running gear is identical to a standard Hiace and the parts are interchangeable.

Add a “Diff locker” to one of these for serious offroad capabilities!

Japanese vehicles are generally in much better condition than local “Tradie” type of Hiaces, in Japan they requite a pit inspection every couple of years, the roads there in Japan are in much better condition compared to what we have over here too.

Japanese people take a lot of pride of their possessions and treat their vehicles well.

We are able to source you the perfect vehicle from Japan, these are top quality vehicles with low K’s, we have them checked over so we know that they are mechanically A1 and free of any damage.

They generally take a total of 3 months from purchase to having it registered here in Australia.


We understand the importance of having that extra head height so you can comfortably stand up, move around and cook inside, that’s why poptops are a great option!

They only take seconds to lift up, they allow plenty of ventilation, give you the head height and best of all, when closed down they will fit in pretty much any garage!

We are able to supply and fit Poptops, on either a local 2WD LWB or a Japaness 4WD Hiace. Depending in availability or the potops themselves, please allow at least 6 – 9 months for them to be fitted and to pass Engineering requirements along with all the Department of Transport requirements and finally to go over the pits to be licensed.

So there you go, still unsure on what vehicle to purchase for your dream trip around Australia, consider the Toyota Hiace.

If you’d like more information, feel free to call us or simply drop us an Email and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions including upcoming Campers for sale.

get in touch !